• HYPONIC Benelux

Hypoallergenic care

For professionals

As a HYPONIC representative in the Benelux, you can contact us to use the pure hypoallergenic care in your salon or sell it in your store. Contact info@hyponic.nl for more information.

In our own grooming salon we naturally work exclusively with HYPONIC care products.

HYPONIC strives to be a brand you can trust. Products made from the heart with only the safest, highest quality ingredients and using leading technologies. With attention to the animals, that is HYPONIC.

  • Why HYPONIC?

    HYPONIC was born from research conducted on a dog suffering from a skin disease due to side effects of long-term use of chemical shampoos.

    Today, HYPONIC has become the safest, most trusted brand for your beloved furry friend.

    • 100% whole ingredients disclosed
    • Excellent award in Dermatest 2018
    • EGW hazard score (score 1-2)
    • Non-toxicity and skin irritation testing completed
    • Doesn't sting
    • Free from surfactants
    • Free from odor
    • Free from alcohol